Adam Foss, the co-founder of Foss Media, is a photographer, filmmaker, writer and brand ambassador for some of the top hunting and outdoor brands. Adam’s professional and brand affiliations include Sitka Gear, Yeti, Gerber Gear and Hilleberg the Tentmaker. With a background steeped in mountain bowhunting, Adam has pursued wildlife in remote and rugged landscapes worldwide. For close to a decade Adam has worked with companies aiming to redefine the way we tell stories bound to hunts. He has a unique eye for authenticity and evocative communication.

Frankie Foss is a producer, photographer and junkyard dog for hire. With a resume that leverages extensive knowledge of customer service in a diverse array of industries, Frankie has found herself energized by the demands of production. Not one to back down from a challenge, she’s as comfortable toting a backpack loaded with camera equipment in a remote mountain range as she is navigating commercial filming permit applications with government agencies.

As creatives, the pair aims to encourage others to pick up a fly rod, backpack, or bow for the first or ten-thousandth time and actively engage in the natural word. As strategists, their aim is to develop and execute a content strategy that will engage, inspire and – with equal focus – achieve the goals of the business, individual or organization. It is the overlap of these two critical, yet sometimes combative, parameters where the team finds their groove.

Foss Media is fortunate to collaborate with many talented photographers, filmmakers, writers, designers, editors, musicians and friends.